Among her other accomplishments, Dr. Deborah Hill is a licensed and board certified doctor of chiropractic who operates in the state of California. She is certainly highly accomplished and she has developed a good reputation after treating so many patients for many conditions over the course of several decades. of course, there is one big difference; while many chiropractors treat patients for specific types of medical conditions, Dr. Deborah Hill’s practice has always featured a more generalized goal, in which she works to guide her patients to personal betterment. She’s not just about better health; she wants patients to have the skills to lead a better life.

A prime example of this tendency happened back in the 1980s, while Dr. Deborah Hill was establishing herself as the director of the West Burbank Chiropractic Center, a position she held for eight years. In that time, she worked to develop a practice she termed Myoprobe Therapy. This type of treatment sought to eliminate pain and produce a full range of movement to those who suffered pain in general, especially arthritis sufferers. What made it unique was that the treatment did not use drugs and chemicals, which she felt too often caused patients harm.

A more recent example comes with Dr. Deborah Hill’s development of the Shield Method. This treatment method is unique, and with it, Dr. Hill hopes to provide everyone with greater personal control over such problems such as weight loss, by controlling appetite and encouraging exercise and even to help with smoking cessation. By teaching them how to use their minds to overcome these problems, she once again hopes to replace the use of medications and chemicals with the power of the mind and save lives without endangering health.